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Mixpanel’s mission is to increase the rate of innovation by helping companies build better products through data. With our market-leading product analytics solution, product teams from over 26,000 companies around the world use Mixpanel to analyze how and why their users engage, convert, and retain in real-time across devices to improve their user experience.

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  • Analytics
  • Product analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis

How Leanplum and Mixpanel work together

Leanplum and Mixpanel integrate seamlessly with bi-directional data share. Leveraging our joint solution, growth and marketing teams run more personalized campaigns by unlocking behavioral insights and crafting new audience clusters, while product teams are able to increase their rate of innovation through rapidly iterative testing and analysis.

Once configured, Leanplum-captured engagement data is programmatically sent to Mixpanel for advanced behavioral analysis which draws correlations to critical actions later in the user journey. Mixpanel is able to bucket like users into audience Cohorts which are then sent back to Leanplum, allowing for increased personalization and, ultimately, conversion.


Understand what drives outcomes

Leanplum’s market-leading A/B testing capabilities gives brands the ability to iterate in real-time on messaging, product UX/UI and even identify user channel preferences. By integrating with Mixpanel, we are enabling shared customers to dig deeper for insights by overlaying with behavioral analytics, predictive reporting and advanced data science models. As a result, customers can take proactive steps to optimize campaign outcomes.




A New type of Data-Driven Personalization

Targeting based on demographic data, historical purchases or loyalty information can only take you so far. Utilizing Mixpanel’s deep behavioral analytics, Leanplum customers add a new dimension to their personalization efforts with Behavioral Cohorts. By further analyzing the billions of engagement events captured by Leanplum, Mixpanel uncovers shared usage patterns across previously unassociated users, and groups them into audience clusters. These audiences, or cohorts, can then be activated using Leanplum’s multi-channel platform.

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