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What Are Mobile Marketing Platforms?

Mobile marketing platforms are software solutions that are tailored for the specific marketing needs of mobile teams.

Mobile marketing platforms provide unique insight into the personal behaviors of customers. The way we run our lives and gain access to information is changing ‰— and mobile platforms are at the heart of this. Unlike other mediums of marketing, mobile marketing lets businesses target customers 24 hours a day, whether through apps or websites.

A mobile marketing platform, then, is a tool designed to make the customer experience easier. For example, personalized push notifications and targeted advertisements provide a more user-friendly alternative to generic ads and message blasts. These marketing tools help marketers and developers make decisions by collecting invaluable data on their target audiences and using this data to optimize campaigns.

How Do Mobile Marketing Platforms Work?

As a marketer, you can make campaign data work for you by setting up mobile marketing automation. This allows marketers to deliver automated mobile messages to target users when they are most likely to engage. For example, a customer using an app to browse flights might be targeted later on via email or push notification to alert them of a sale on a particular route.

Mobile marketing automation is becoming more and more important to ensure customer retention. Studies show that 21 percent of users delete apps just one day after downloading them. As such, any mobile app would benefit from a mobile marketing platform that offers targeted emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and other personalized messages that respond to user behavior.

What Do Mobile Marketing Platforms Mean For Marketers?

The Leanplum mobile marketing platform offers not just automation tools, but also an integrated analytics solution that provides deeper insight into customer behavior. Due to the broad scope of what mobile marketing platforms can do, it often feels like there are too many options to pick from and too few ways to determine the best one. Leanplum makes the decision easier with an integrated analytics solution, aggregating all user data into one dashboard.

For example, a marketer may want to A/B test an element of their app to optimize one of their campaigns. This helps them compare the results of separate campaigns and choose the most effective strategy to acquire, convert, and retain users. However, it would be hard to determine which campaign elements to A/B test without an analytics dashboard providing detailed engagement data for each message.

Decision-making can be extremely difficult for mobile marketers, which is why having a single, integrated mobile marketing suite is far more effective than attempting to sync data across several point solutions. From A/B testing in-app elements to analyzing the results in a customized analytics dashboard, integrated mobile marketing platforms cover every task a mobile marketer will face. With one integrated solution, Leanplum’s mobile marketing platform consolidates all of this data to help optimize campaigns and create a better experience for the customer.