Full Design Build Services

The traditional approach to a major home construction project involves finding an architect and a designer, not to mention, investing a lot of money.  You first have to develop plans beforehand without knowing what expenditures are involved. After this, you will have to sit through a bidding war between well qualified, rival contractors who are all competing to offer you a cheap enough price based on your affordability.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s pretty hard to find professional contractors who are responsive. However, it usually ends up being more time consuming and expensive than your budget. It requires a lot of time and effort to manage such relationships with multiple partners and the chance of conflict is enormous. Since no single party is responsible for your satisfaction, the chances of your expectations not being met are high. Not to mention, it’s a stressful experience.

The Sever Home Difference

At Sever Homes, our design-build services focus on providing cost and time benefits that our clients can take advantage of. By working with us, you will have one partner and one single point of contact that will simplify your whole construction process, maximizing your savings in the process. Both our architecture and construction teams work in close co-operation with each other in adjoining offices. Thus, they are capable of providing value engineered solutions throughout the span of the project.

If you choose our full design build services you can save a large amount of time and money not to mention, a lot of frustration. We will deal with any potential issues that might crop up, taking necessary actions to prevent the problem from occurring further.

Our Full Design Build Service: Benefits

  • Better Quality with Fast Delivery: Our design builders expedite project needs while focusing on exceeding design requirements. We often innovate to deliver a better project than what our clients initially imagine. Additionally, our collaborative approach to project management lets us complete our work faster with minimal disruptions.
  • Cost Savings with reduced risk: Our well integrated team keeps costs at minimum while staying committed to providing efficiency and innovation. The risk is reduced many folds by a single source for the entire design-build team.
  • Decreases Administrative Burden: Clients have only one place to call us which clears doubts on their mind about who is responsible. Call us directly.

Why You should go for our Full Design Build Services

Our design build processes ensure that you are working with one company throughout the whole process from start to finish. For making sure the process is seamless, our clients deal with the same people who were with them at the project’s beginning, till the whole job is done. This minimizes the chances of conflict during the entire process from designing to construction. Thus, our whole team works together in sync, using the same cloud-based project management software, improving communication for a smooth project.

Collaborative Effort

We have a team-spirited approach when involved in each project rather than an adversarial situation where contracting teams and designing teams are separate. While our construction team is focused on achieving beautiful designs and functional quality built spaces, our design team works on budget and construction efficiency. Our staff works together every day, sharing information and knowledge in constant communication. We are committed to deliver a great experience with a result that our client will be thrilled with.

Faster Timelines

With design build, the duration or timeline of the entire project is much less. The process is also smoother, less likely to suffer delays. While we co-ordinate with you during the design phase, our advanced lead time ensures that our construction team is ready to begin on the pre-decided start date. This makes scheduling more predictable and stable, ensuring organized project management.

Every home renovation project client has some questions and issues related to designs. Our in-house design team ensures that we can get solutions to keep the project moving. In-house professionals are always available to monitor and resolve structural issues. They even perform timely inspections.

Feeling Right At Home

Design build allows us to specialize, using our specialized processes along with a highly skilled and trained team working together to deliver consistently successful results for our clients. We design and build home additions and major renovations for old Toronto homes. We avoid doing commercial work or condo renovations and don’t flip houses or sell real estate on the side. We help families like yours to achieve a beautiful home transformation that you have always wanted.

Contact us. We will answer.